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What is the Affinity Tech Talks conference?

The Akamai Affinity Tech Talks is an annual invitation-only conference created by IT professionals for IT professionals. During 3 days of this amazing event you will have an opportunity to experience not only great Tech and Science talks but also try yourself in the CTF contest and support our charity initiative! Thanks to the online formula this year Affinity Tech Talks bring together people and speakers from all over the world.

Tech Talks

Over three fascinating afternoons you will have the chance to participate in numerous sessions covering subjects such as artificial intelligence, networks, cybersecurity, IoT or virtual reality. We made sure that each of our talks will be a remarkable and interesting experience. We invited renowned engineers, programmers, solutions architects and subject matter experts from around the world to talk about innovations, challenges and the future of IT. You will have an opportunity to submit your own questions during each session.


This year, for the first time Affinity Tech Talks conference will be joined by a dedicated Affinity Science track as a living example of a successful cooperation between science and business. Researchers from Europe and beyond will present the results of their current R&D projects. We are targeting projects being at their final phase as we would like authors to show a demo of the solution they have developed, and present ideas turned into working hardware and/or software, system or application. Although Affinity Science will be focused mainly on cybersecurity and IoT, we are by no means limited to it and we would welcome any brilliant ideas from other IT areas.

How can I get an invitation?

Save the date and stay tuned!

We will publish the details on getting an invite and registration for Akamai Affinity Tech Talks soon.

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